Master Architect Korhan Erol was born in Karabük in 1980. He graduated from Karabük Demir Çelik İlkokulu in 1992 and from Karabük Anadolu Lisesi in 1998. Between the years, 1998-2003 he started to study Architecture at Faculty of Architecture in ODTU. Between the years 2003-2006, successfully graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture Department of Project Production between 2003-2006 with the thesis titled "Turkish Construction Sector in the Process of Accession to the European Union". He completed his military service between the years 2006-2007 as reserve officer.

He started his working life in Boytorun Architecture between 2003-2006. He worked at housing project design and construction, fair stand design and construction. In 2006-2011, worked for AB Invest Gayrimenkul Geliştirme ve Yatırım AŞ as project manager. During this time, he worked as project coordinator at Forum Aydın and Forum Gaziantep. Also for the foreign investers he made Technical Due Dilligence works. He worked as Carrefour Bursa Expansion Project Project Manager. In 2012, Korhan Erol Architecture began to serve as a freelance architect. 


Master Architect Büşra Canbakış after studied at Turhan Tayan Anadolu High School, she graduated from Özyeğin University Faculty of Architecture. In 2021, she completed her master's degree in Uludag University, Department of Architecture. She is working for Korhan Erol Mimarlık since 2018.


Mechanical Engineer Ezgi Güneş Yazıcıoğlu, was born in Bursa in 1990, After she graduated from Bursa Anadolu Lisesi she stared to study at Eskişehir Osmangazi  University Department of Mechanical Engineering. She is working for Korhan Erol Mimarlık since 2019, February by doing Mechanical-Installation projects.


Architect Seçil Yılmaz Çetin, after studied at Eskişehir Anadolu High School, she graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Architecture.

She is working for Korhan Erol Mimarlık since October 2021.